SPOTFYR 12000 Thermal Camera Bracket

From: $550.00 GST

or 4 payments of $96.25 with Afterpay

Simply the best brackets available right now

WGIA - QR Mount (Recommended)

WGIA quick-release mount to suit your thermal model

(Optional) Spotfyr 12000 Spotlight

SPOTFYR utilises the same power system as the HELLFYR but in a more compact design at a reduced price point.
We have had several first time users contact us at how astounded they were at how much light the SPOTFYR delivered compared to much larger lights they previously owned.

$630.00 GST each

(Optional) Spotlight Handles - Best Selling

Choose from the best selling remote handles on the market

(Optional) Smart Rest QR Adapter Kit

Not needed but some people may want it if they already have smart rest mounts