Infiray Finder V2.0 FH35R | FH50R – Thermal Monocular

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The newly upgraded Finder II Series comprises models FH35R 2.0 with an all new 20mkv Sensor. Video Review   BEST PRICE GUARANTEE

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WGIA Thermal Spotlight Brackets

Smartrest Mounting Options | Dual QR | Single QR | Rimtop

Ram X-Grip Tablet Mount Options 9"-13"

The X-Grip bracket adjusts horizontally and vertically making it the best.

Wireless Setup: Recommended Tablets (Optional)

Wired Setup: Monitors (Optional)

Includes 3m cables for video and power, monitor, inverter and more

Monitor Ram Window Mount with Double Suction

3m USB Charging & Power Cable

Waterproof Nitecore 20,000mAh Bank

160w Fast Car Charger for phones, tablets, drone controllers & most thermals.

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