Hikmicro Lynx 2.0 Series – LC06S | LE10S | LE15S | LH15 2.0 | LH19 2.0 | LH25 2.0

From: $499.00 GST

Hikmicro’s budget lynx 2.0 series is great for those new to thermal looking to get their toes in the water but also get a quality useful product.  If you want advice I’d recommend giving us a call. 0427312312

Hikmicro Lynx 2.0 Series (K)

WGIA Thermal Spotlight Bracket

Choose model to suit your light

Smartrest Mounting Options

Tablet: Ram X-Grip Mounting Options

Wireless Setup: Recommended Tablets (Optional)

Wired Setup: Monitors (Optional)

Includes 3m cables for video and power, monitor, inverter and more

Monitor Ram Window Mount with Double Suction

3m USB Charging & Power Cable

Waterproof Nitecore 20,000mAh Bank

160w Fast Car Charger for phones, tablets, drone controllers & most thermals.