BRISTLE UP #27 – GHC DVD no 16

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In this episode the teams start off by catching some nasty Boars but everyone struggles to break the ton mark. Later in the episode things heat up when some crackers start to roll in. We see pigs getting trapped in Cape York on a golf course and Wez Dennis is back running up and down the NSW mountains trying to find a monster. Johnny Wilson’s dogs get mobbed up on by some big Boars and he has to dive into the mob, Dan and Mel have put in place a plan to try an finally catch a tonner and Mad Mick is sleeping on the job while the dogs put in the kilometers to track down some cracker Boars. Lastly Jarrod from team Hit and Split are smashing the Boars on the flood plains but one big Boar attacks him, ripping him a new one. With tons of Bacon hitting the ground and some nasty hit ups and wicked finds, it’s an episode you don’t want to miss.

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